Overview: Offshore Fishing in Sarasota

Overview: Offshore Fishing in Sarasota

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Sarasota is Florida’s most interesting fishing destination. The region is home to Ringling College and exceptional offshore fishing. Local anglers reel-in Poseidon’s most sought after boons: Red Snapper and Tuna. Moreover, Sarasota offers pristine white sand beaches and a unique atmosphere.

Poseidon reigns benevolently over Sarasota’s anglers. This is made evident by the region’s annual fishing tournament, the Sarasota Slam. According to Bradenton.com, The Sarasota Slam in unique among fishing tournaments, it rewards anglers for the diversity of catch. The tournament is held between July and August.

Sarasota’s deep offshore waters are home to a variety of fish. Expect to reel-in African Pompano, Grouper, Tuna and Atlantic Red Snapper. “It’s nice to see some people not only catching [Atlantic Red Snapper] but allowed to keep them” states a Sarasota local on Floridasportman.com. Red Snapper season is limited in the Gulf’s waters, but this year’s season has proven to be plentiful. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric and Administration (NOAA) is allowing for over 6 million pounds of Red Snapper to be reeled-in from the Gulf’s waters during the 2018 season. The Red Snapper and Tuna are the region’s most sought-after and valuable catch. Tuna is often referred to as the “Million Dollar Fish.” However, it’s merely the thrill of the catch that attracts private anglers to Tuna.

Massive Tuna have made Sarasota’s crystal-clear waters home. During 2008, the crew of the Annie Girl pulled a 700-pound tuna from the Gulf of Mexico! This fish, though greatly above the average weight of Gulf Tuna, demonstrates the potential catch. The Gulf’s average Tuna weights around 35 pounds, however, colossal Yellow Fin lurk beneath the waves.

“We went out of our hometown, Sarasota, and went deeper than usual. Around 200 feet, we trolled up some nice tuna,” states a Sarasota local on Floridasportman.com. Trolling is said to be the most effective way to attract a Sarasota Tuna. There’s no thrill like gaffing a Tuna.

Tuna make for the region’s most thrilling catch. The fish put up a fight like no other! According to Outdoor Life, the Tuna is the World’s hardest catch. “[Tuna] will pummel you with a ferocity that will rubberize your legs, brutalize your belly [and] reduce your arms to trembling twigs.” Many anglers seek only Tuna, the challenges they present and the tales of the struggle make this the most sought-after catch.

Sarasota’s Offshore fishing presents unique challenges for the angler, especially those reeling-in Tuna. Often, tales of the pursuit of the region’s Tuna reads like Moby Dick, however, these tales aren’t tall. Tuna, as it struggles on the line, could rip a man’s arms off. Moreover, the region’s sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere make Sarasota an extraordinary escape: the barrier island attracts clowns, artist and anglers alike.

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