Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Offshore Fishing in Venice, Sarasota, Siesta Key, & Englewood, Florida

The Gulf of Mexico, offshore of Southwest Florida, is well known for its calm sea conditions and excellent year round shipwreck, trolling, reef fishing & deep sea fishing.

Venice, Florida reef and shipwreck fishing for grouper and snapper is good most any time of the year.

Venice, Florida located just south of Sarasota, Florida and directly on the Gulf of Mexico is the perfect take-off point to access and enjoy this awesome shipwreck fishing and deep sea fishing. Depending on the fishing season, you will catch all sorts of different species of fish while trolling and wreck fishing.

Some of the finest shipwreck, artificial reef fishing, and deep sea fishing happens on the Gulf of Mexico offshore of Southwest Florida. The live bait fishing and slow trolling methods we use while fishing around these shipwrecks and reefs produce some of the most exciting wreck, reef fishing possible.

Other offshore and deep sea fish such as kingfish, cobia, tuna, amberjack, Spanish mackerel, dolphin, shark, barracuda, mahi, tarpon, permit, and giant redfish are all caught using trolling and live bait around these wrecks as they seasonally migrate through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico offshore of Venice, Florida.

Our fishing captains have been fishing the shipwrecks and reefs of the Gulf of Mexico for many years and know where and how to catch these fish either trolling or live baiting.

A group of fisherman showing off thier massive catch of fish in the areas of Venice, Sarasota, Siesta Key, & Englewood, Florida

Florida Offshore Fishing

Florida as an offshore fishery is one of the planets premiere destinations for battling big saltwater gamefish. We have thousands of reefs and sunken ships providing prime habitat for some of the most sought-after species in the state.

Deepwater seamounts, ledges, and humps can be found in depths ranging from 500 feet to well over 1,000 feet offshore. Here in the Gulf of Mexico, these are found close to the continental shelf- among the Gulfstream currents.

Out here, grouper, snapper, and amberjack that swim are big and aggressive. This is a great year-round fishery.

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