Offshore Fishing Florida’s Gulf Coast

Liquid Lifestyle Charters offers the best in Florida offshore fishing right here along central Florida’s Gulf coast. We offer trips targeting, but not limited to:

  • Grouper
  • Snapper
  • Kingfish
  • Cobia
  • Tuna
  • Amberjack
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Dolphin (Mahi)
  • Barracuda
  • Tarpon
  • Permit
  • Giant Redfish

This area of the Southwest Florida coast is your gateway to awesome year-round offshore fishing. We offer a plethora of fishing charter options that are sure to make for not only a drag screaming day on the water but also a fun one. We serve Venice, Sarasota, Siesta Key, & Englewood, Florida.

The Gulf of Mexico, offshore of Southwest Florida, is well known for its calm sea conditions and excellent year round shipwreck, trolling, reef fishing & deep sea fishing.

Florida as an offshore fishery is one of the planets premiere destinations for battling big saltwater gamefish. We have thousands of reefs and sunken ships providing prime habitat for some of the most sought-after species in the state.

Florida offshore fishing

Our Florida Offshore Fishing Trips

Florida Grouper Fishing

Grouper & Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing for grouper and snapper is good most any time of the year. Other game fish such as kingfish, cobia, tuna, amberjack, barracuda, tarpon, mahi, permit, and giant redfish are all caught as they seasonally migrate through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico offshore of the Florida coastline.

Florida Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Some of the finest shipwreck, artificial reef fishing, and deep sea fishing happens on the Gulf of Mexico offshore of Southwest Florida. The live bait fishing and slow trolling methods we use while fishing around these shipwrecks and reefs produce some of the most exciting wreck, reef fishing possible.

Florida Red Snapper Fishing

Red Snapper Fishing

Venice, Florida located just south of Sarasota, Florida and directly on the Gulf of Mexico is the perfect take-off point to access and enjoy some awesome red snapper fishing. Once we catch our limit of snapper, we’ll move on to groupers and other fish including pelagics like wahoo tuna and mahi-mahi

A tarpon smashing on live bait in venice, florida

Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon are famous for their strike, their drag screaming runs, and for their unbelievable leaping ability. There’s simply nothing quite like hooking a 100lb tarpon in less than 15 feet of water. The feelings you experience after hooking and fighting your first tarpon will never be forgotten.

Florida Offshore Fishing With Liquid Lifestyle Charters

Looking for epic offshore fishing action; look no further. The team at Liquid Lifestyle Charters provide unsurpassed offshore fishing excursions out of Venice near Sarasota, Siesta Key, and Englewood Florida.

Liquid Lifestyle Charters provides a family friendly fishing experience and can cater to the needs of both the seasoned angler or those less experienced. These salty dogs are familiar with all Florida fishing regulations and the equipment needed to target our local species while providing comfort and enjoyment. The team at Liquid Lifestyle Charters also freely gives advice to all interested parties on fishing methods and the ways of the deep.

Liquid Lifestyle Charters will explore the region’s nearshore waters and deep offshore waters with you. Whether you’re interested in reaping the day’s catch near Siesta Key or from Sarasota area deep offshore waters, these experienced anglers will guide you through Florida’s productive waters.

Expect to reel-in legendary fish from Florida’s Gulf waters. Liquid Lifestyle knows how to navigate the Gulf and locate some of the region’s most sought after creatures the brine has to offer.

Florida truly is an angler’s paradise. Venice, Fl. and the surrounding waters are known for one of the region’s most delicious catches, the Red Snapper. The region’s waters relinquish fish, year round, and the team at Liquid Lifestyle Charters offers unparalleled Grouper, Red Snapper and Shark fishing expeditions.

The Gulf of Mexico is renowned as the calm sea. These calm conditions and the knowledge of the Captain here at Liquid Lifestyle Charters make for unbeatable bottom fishing. Venice Florida, located merely 15 minutes South of Sarasota, along Florida’s crystal Gulf waters, is the spot to reel-in Grouper and other deep water catches. Grouper and Red Snapper school along Venice’s vast reef, just waiting for the angler to cast a line. Moreover, Florida’s deep waters conceal Amberjacks, Tuna, Mahi, Cobia and an endless catalog of fish.

Other game fish such as Kingfish, Cobia, Tuna, Amberjack, Barracuda, Tarpon, Mahi, Permit, and Bull Redfish are reeled-in seasonally. These fish migrate as the seasons change.