Grouper & Amberjack

Posted by: Eric White
Category: Fishing Reports

If you have never been amberjack fishing in Florida, you owe it to yourself to go at least one time. And… make sure you pick up some Advil to take care of the sore muscles the next day.

Pound for pound, the greater amberjack probably pulls harder than anything in the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t believe me? Come try it for yourself. There’s a reason we call these fish “reef donkeys”!

Amberjack are an aggressive fish and willing participant on most charters this time of year They make pretty good table fare and the preferred way to cook them is on the grill or in a smoker.

Grouper pull pretty hard too but make incredible table fare. This time of year we are targeting red grouper and gag grouper on wrecks, reefs, and rock piles. Fish from 5-15lbs have been common this month and fish up to 25lbs have actually been brought over the rail.

If you’re looking for a fishing trip that will give you sore arms and backs, this is the one to go on.

Eric White
Author: Eric White